Terms of sale  




All prices quoted are net wholesale prices with no sales tax. For international customers, those prices are valid for professional use only (VAT ID number required and should be supplied to us by e-mail.) For private/home use, products are subject to 21% sales tax.


In case we receive an order with no professional VAT number, our sales staff will try to contact you to adjust this matter, and ask if you are a private/home or professional user. If you are a private user, you will be asked to agree to the extra charge of 21% sales tax. If you do not agree, your order will be cancelled and any payment will be returned in full.


For some countries of the world, other local custom duties and fees may be applicable. In all cases, the purchaser(you) is responsible for reporting the import to your local authorities and for paying all local taxes, duties, fees or other surcharges of such nature.


Prices of fabrics are quoted in euros per square meter. Please observe that most, but not all fabrics have a 1.00 meter width.


Prices of braids are quoted in linear meters (at the point of nominal diameter where warp and weft are at a +-45o angle.) In order to be able to count linear meters of braids with precision (actual length varies greatly depending on tension,) we weigh them.


Volume on filler quotations is intended to assist judgment of the loose, bulk amount of the product supplied. Contents may become compressed during transportation or storage.





FIBERMAX can ship to virtually any address in the world. Dispatch is within 3 business days. Delivery rates and dates may vary depending on different destinations and means of transportation.


International mail shipping rates (priority only, insurance included) are calculated by this equation:


Smallest applicable shipment fee + per kilo rate = total shipping fee


For a 4 kilo parcel you pay:

19.00 € smallest fee + 16.00 € for 4 kilos = 35.00 € is the shipping fee for 4 kilos


For 10 kilos:

19.00 + 4 x 10 = 59.00 € is the fee for a 10 kilo order.


Do not place larger orders (e.g. over 50 kg) over the internet shop, as there are probably other, alternative cost shipping ways.


For any reason, our company retains the right to cancel any order (or part of order,) returning to the purchaser(you)  payment in full.





All fabrics are always rolled on carton mandrels separately.


The procedure is:


1) fabrics are wrapped tightly around a mandrel (carton roll)

2) tag is placed at the edge of carton mandrel

3) cellophane plastic film is wrapped tightly around the roll of fabric

4) roll of fabric with cellophane protection is placed in plastic cover and sealed

5) impact resistant carton is tightly wrapped around sealed roll


All resins and hardeners are sealed tightly in plastic containers and placed in separate, custom made, impact resistant case. Those products are always accompanied by data sheet, safety and storage instructions.





Fibermax has full replacement or money back warranty return policy on all defective and/or damaged or lost or unopened packages and products. If the purchaser does not refuse delivery (in case of damage,) must notify our company of such a case (defective or damaged) within three (3) business days of receipt. Items for replacement, credit note or refund should be shipped back to us for inspection within thirty (30) days after delivery with shipping costs paid by the purchaser. We will reimburse the return shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).





FIBERMAX COMPOSITES takes your privacy seriously. We guarantee that your personal information stored in our computers will be treated with strict confidence and never passed to other parties. If you do not agree to your information being stored, we shall, of course, delete it from our system immediately.










Legal issues


If claims are brought against our company by purchasers for any reason, the only agreed courts of jurisdiction and the only applicable and valid laws shall be those of Volos, Greece.


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